Tumours are widespread and have been researched for many years. Health care is constantly improving. That is why it is important to have knowledge of how these diseases develop. Cancer registries exist to generate knowledge about tumours at a public level. The cancer registries in Switzerland register all cases of cancer and pre-cancerous tumours as well as certain benign tumours in people residing in Switzerland. 

Cancer registration has existed at the cantonal level for a long time. The first cantonal cancer registry was established in Switzerland in 1969. Since 2020, the registration of information on tumours has also been regulated under national law with the entry into force of the Cancer Registration Act (KRG [Krebsregistrierungsgesetz]). According to this act, physicians, hospitals and laboratories must send information on tumours to the responsible cantonal cancer registry or the Childhood Cancer Registry. The data collected in these cancer registries are collected and evaluated at the National Cancer Registry (NCR).

By making their data available to the cancer registries, those affected make an important contribution to the most complete possible recording of all cases of disease. They help to improve care for everyone, to better understand the diseases and to better treat cancer.